The sale of debt portfolios is now an important strategic tool utilized by many banks, financial institutions and corporations not only to realize immediate cashflow but also to free up operational teams to focus on more value-added activities.

Clients may choose to sell their debt portfolios as part of a one-off spot sale or on a forward flow basis.

Debt purchase allows clients to sell their debt portfolios directly to Aiqon, who becomes the owner of the debt portfolio and seeks to recover any outstanding monies from the defaulting customer.

Aiqon is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism to protect client’s brand reputation.

Aiqon offers a competitive pricing framework, which makes the sale of non-performing accounts attractive, viable and a profitable option.

Aiqon is committed to developing long-term relationships with its clients. Intelligent and sophisticated pricing models, developed by our in-house analytics team, enable us to provide fair prices for purchased debt portfolios, which meet the objectives of both parties.

Once the acquisition is complete, Aiqon’s highly qualified collection teams negotiate directly with their customers to recover the outstanding debts, with the aim of achieving a repayment outcome that is achievable and appropriate for both parties.

Aiqon’s core philosophy of ethical, fair and flexible collections, with a focus on empathy for the debtor, have established Aiqon as one of the leading buyers of bank and finance related debt in the Asia Pacific region.